About Me

Photography is about capturing moments in time. The moments are memories…and memories are meaningful.

It could be that special kiss during a wedding, or a shared joy during a party, and it could even be the moment that shows your personality. You need a photographer who can capture those moments because they could be gone in an instant.

Having had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember, and being brought up here, becoming a photographer working in Cornwall was an absolute dream. The environment and culture has always inspired my photography and I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful county.

I have learned to seek out special moments, to capture people at their best, and to work with organisations to understand the shots that show connection and relationships.

It is capturing connection and authenticity that drives my work. There is nothing better than the buzz I get from capturing an experience. Being a wedding photographer or helping businesses as a commercial photographer…it is the best feeling I can imagine.

I am based in Falmouth, Cornwall, and work with businesses and individuals to capture special moments, events, portraits and much more. I am a published photographer, and have appeared in Cornwall Today magazine, The Falmouth Packet, The West Briton, and The Daily Mail. I worked with Cornish author Rosen Trevithick on the book “Chocolate Making Adventures” and have worked with Truro Cathedral, Falmouth-based Eight Wire and many more.

My life and business motto is Live Life Explore. Because life deserves to be truly experienced, and photographs can document a life well lived.

Claire Wilson LLE Photography

Photography Style

I take a lifestyle photography approach to my work. I like to capture connection, authenticity, and I like to find the art in every day moments or special occasions.My customers love my gift for seeing and preempting “the moment”. I search for the special connections between people, and the unique moments that bring a photograph to life.

I use this style in particular with the PR Photography and for Events and Weddings.

I love to do artistic model shoots around Cornwall and work with some fantastic models and makeup artists. With this, I look for intensity and a deeper sense of connection, because we have time to develop a story and a background. I work on themes and develop the style to enhance the mood. That these are often black and white images is no accident, because monochrome cuts out the distraction of colour.

I work tirelessly on my technique and to developing my style. I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society so that I can continue to learn and so I can be a part of a group that is driven to better their photography.

Photography Equipment

  • 2 x Nikon D610s, Full Frame Cameras
  • Nikon D80 Camera
  • Nikon D300 Infrared Camera
  • Fixed lenses, including 28mm, 50mm, 85mm
  • Portable Professional Studio Equipment
  • Off Camera Flashes
  • GoPro Hero Session
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear 360

Get in Touch

If you’d like to work with me, get in touch. We can discuss your needs and the project you have in mind.You can contact me through my contact page, or you can call me direct on 07973 417826.