LLE Photography is a dream that I brought to life. A dream to be a photographer.
But in the same way that photographs are not just images, my dream was so much more than just photography.
There is nothing better than the buzz I get from capturing experience. Being able to give people memories that they can hang on their walls and to see them smile as they remember the moment...it is the best feeling I can ever imagine.
Taking part in a special day, or photographing an event for an organisation, I see so many happy faces. I witness people enjoying themselves at a wedding, or people who are enthralled by the talks given by authors. On longer projects I get to understand an organisation or a place, and I love to get to know the people and the stories, their thoughts and dreams.
Giving my upmost for my work so that I can give photographs to my clients for their happiness, or to help improve their authenticity in a world of marketing: this is what makes photography worthwhile.
My experience as a freelance photojournalist, capturing images for the local media such as the Falmouth Packet and the West Briton, as well as Cornwall Today magazine has taught me how to work to tight deadlines and high pressure, fast paced events.  

I take a lifestyle approach to my photographic work. I like to capture the authenticity in what I see - personality, emotions, and action because photographs are more than just images. Photographs are memories. They are little pieces of the puzzle that can bring your brand alive. They are moments in time that can never be repeated.

My life and business motto is Live Life Explore. Because life deserves to be truly experienced, and photographs can document a life well lived. 

Claire Wilson LLE-Photography Cornwall