75 Falmouth

75-Falmouth a Photography Project

A Falmouth Based Photography Project on the windows in my life.

Why 75?

I’ve lived in my current home for almost a year. When we moved in, I vowed never to get used to, or take for granted the view that we are lucky to have.

One day, I had a friend come over to visit. She was in awe of our view. She literally stood there with her mouth open in surprise, before taking out her camera to take a photograph.

We get a lot of that here.

In fact, we often joke about having T.V. dinners… but we don’t have a television. The view is all we need.

What I realised was that our view had become normalised to us. Unlike when we first moved in and spent every morning watching the sunrise with our first cup of tea a day, we were now having tea in bed with the curtains drawn.

This visit from my friend happened to coincide with 75 days left to the new year, and I made it my goal to appreciate every one of the 15 windows that we have looking at 270 degree views over Falmouth.

It is a project where I spend time looking out through the windows in my daily life and really seeing what is there. Seeing how I can photograph it differently, or if I can capture something that shows a story of my days here.

There is, for example, the intermittent visit of pedestrians as they walk up the Jacob's Ladder steps. They often pause while they stop at the halfway point, regrouping before finishing the rest of the way. And there are the sunrises, sunsets and the town at night.

Through this project, I hope to gain a much deeper appreciation of the place I live. And I hope you enjoy the photographs that I share.