Mine entrance
A Photography Project on the legacy left behind from Cornwall's once-thriving mining industry.


About the Project

Wheal Maid Tailings Lagoon and Dam
Wheal Maid Tailings Lagoon and Dam

Growing up in what was once a heavily mined area in Cornwall, I took for granted the abandoned mine engines and valleys.

I cycled in areas where the ground was rocky and full of mine waste. I walked and played around decaying engine houses and former arsenic works without really thinking anything more about them than that they were there.

It was with relative frequency that I would find some interesting or pretty looking mineral. I collected cassiterite (tin ore) and pyrite, fluorite and haematite, amethyst when I was lucky, quartz crystals on an ordinary day. All from the piles of waste brought up from underground.

Living where I did was bound to influence my choice of education. I read Geology at The University of Leicester where I graduated with an honours degree.

Now, as I approach my 40s, I have decided to revisit the areas that I grew up around but with a photographer's eye. To study and view the legacy that Cornwall has been left with by its mining heritage.

"Hidden in Plain Sight" is a photographic study...a journey...looking beyond the romanticised engine houses, because our mining heritage and legacy is way more than that.

There is good and bad, and it will be with an impassioned view that I will photograph it.

Because revisiting these places has both inspired and appalled me. It has given me hope, and it has opened my eyes to something that I always took for granted.

It is, for me, the most heart-felt project I have undertaken to date, and it is my hope that you will gain something from the images that I share.