Sunrises at Swanpool

Sunrise at SwanpoolI started this photography project to not only capture sunrises at Swanpool, but to see how my view of a place changed over time by going back every day that I could.

The sea is always in a state of change, whether it is the tide or the wave height. Some days the sea is glassy smooth, and others it moves with an urgent drive towards the shore. 

The sun rises in forever changing conditions. The sky can be cloudy, foggy or clear. But, always, the sunrise is inspiration for the coming day. 

I found that the more visits of the beach I undertook, the more I saw in the landscape and in the view from the beach. The more I felt a sense of personal interaction with the sunrise - I was "waking up" to the day ahead and I felt inspired. 

There have been so many years that I have lived so close to the sea, whether it is near Falmouth or somewhere in Cornwall, and yet I have hardly witnessed the sunrise over the sea until now. I am lucky to have this opportunity, and I hope that the photographs I have taken inspire you as much as they have me.