5 Top Tips on How to Write a Great Photography Brief

5 Top Tips on How to Write a Great Photography Brief

Do you need to know how to brief a photographer to make sure that you get what you need? Photographs are used in many different ways: for selling stories, for highlighting your brand, for professionalising your image, or even to inspire. But how do you get that down on paper so that a photographer can […]

Photographing Inspiring Health, Falmouth

Inspiring Health is a business based in Falmouth. It is a natural health clinic and offers a range of services including osteopathy, reflexology, acupuncture, sports massages and many more. It was a pleasure to be able to help them with their photography needs. After a recent makeover, I was asked to photograph the property, and […]

Professional PR Photography that sells stories

If you want to sell a story about your business to the media, professional PR Photography is what you need. Want to make an editor’s day? When you give them a press release or an advertorial, give them quality images to go with it. Give them bad images…and you’ll be lucky if they read the […]

This is my successful LRPS submission

Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society

Striving to improve and develop skills is essential for any creative business, perhaps more so for a photographic one. This is why I chose to push myself and my skills to put my work in to be assessed for the Licentiate distinction (LRPS) at the Royal Photographic Society.  After a lot of work, I am […]

Image of the Year 2018 Runner Up Award for Avant-Garde & Contemporary Portraiture, The Guild of Photographers

Runner Up to Image of the Year 2018

It is with great pleasure I can say my photography was selected as the runner up for The Guild of Photographers Image of the Year 2018 for Avant-Garde and Contemporary Portraiture. From over 13000 entries, it is an honour to have had my image selected. I am grateful to the judges, and for all those involved […]

Offering Headshots in CIOS GrowthHub Prize Draw

When you’re starting your business, it can feel like you’ve got so much to think about (and things to budget for) that getting professional portraits is one of the last things on your mind… And yet, pretty soon, you will find that you need a headshot for so many different purposes. Like your LinkedIn profile. […]

Commercial Photography in Cornwall, Claire Wilson of LLE Photography produced a photograph for a van design for Cornish Charity Cornwall Hospice

Commercial Photography Model Photoshoot

Cornish charity “Cornwall Hospice Care” asked me to help them with their commercial photography shoot needs at the end of last year. The charity were looking for an image to use as part of a new van design and to promote their furniture collection services. The models, Lily (from Cornwall Model and Promotions Ltd) and […]

How can Professional headshots enhance your professional profile?

It takes us only one tenth of a second to develop an impression about someone from a photograph. Just one tenth. And research from psychologists at Princeton University has shown that taking longer to look at an image only increases our confidence about our initial decision and does not change our mind. First impressions are […]

"Man in Chains" A contemporary studio photograph taken by Claire Wilson LLE Photography

The Guild of Photographer’s Image of the Year Finalist Press Release

PRESS RELEASE Local Photographer Claire Wilson achieves international acclaim! Claire Wilson, a photographer based in Falmouth has reached the Final of the fiercely contested Guild of Photographers Image of the Year Competition. The Guild is a highly respected UK based association for photographers which has members from overseas as well. Each year it runs an […]

Man in Chains - Silver Award in The Guild of Photographers Image of the Month

The Guild of Photographer’s Image of the Month Awards

National recognition for my photographs! I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded a Silver in the Guild of Professional Photographers “Image of the Month” Competition. A competition which typically attracts over a thousand entries every month. The Guild of Photographers is a highly regarded national photographic body, of which I am a […]