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Brilliant Male Model Photography Shoot at Godrevy

Bearded Male Photography Shoot at Godrevy in Cornwall

Model Photography shoot at Godrevy in CornwallGodrevy, in Cornwall, is a place that's out of this world. Three and a half miles of sandy beaches, a lighthouse said to have been loved by Virginia Woolf, and plenty of heritage and history. Bring it together with a bit of sunshine and a BRILLIANT male model, and it is the perfect location for a model photography shoot.

Meeting new models to work with has been a priority for me lately but so has finding new and exciting locations. The place where you photograph a model will have a huge impact on the look and feel of a shoot.

Male Model Photoshoot on the dunes at Godrevy, CornwallThat's why Godrevy is such a perfect place. It has a wide range of options: old buildings, wooden buildings, sand dunes, beaches, boarded walk ways through the dunes, wooden fences, and bridges.

Male Model Photography

What I love about photographing a male model with a beard is that I have now learned lots of things about beards. Who knew there were so many different types of beard, for instance? And that there are beard competitions.

Phillip was a great model to work with, so professional and got my instructions for posing absolutely perfectly sometimes predicting what I wanted before I even had to open my mouth.

I love it when a photoshoot goes this well.

Bearded Male Photography Shoot at Godrevy in CornwallMale Model Photography Cornwall by LLE PhotographyMale Model Photography in Sand Dunes at Godrevy, CornwallBearded Model Photography Shoot in Cornwall


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