Chocolate Making Adventures – A Food Photographer’s Dream Project

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Food Photography for Chocolate Making Adventures recipe book

What if you could make gourmet chocolate at home? Or do you know a cleverly creative cook that would? Easter is just around the corner and I can recommend the perfect book for you. Chocolate Making Adventures. A food photographer’s dream. Chocolate Making Adventures, written by Cornish writer Rosen Trevithick, was published in 2015. It was a labour of love…love for chocolate and a love for […]

Chocolate Photography in Cornwall

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There is nothing more appealing than doing some chocolate photography for Cornwall based writer Rosen Trevithick. There are two passions fulfilled in such an undertaking: enjoying food, and taking photographs. Working with local author Rosen Trevithick on her new book ‘Chocolate Making Adventures’ is fantastic. I loved every minute of it. What a great opportunity. It certainly was an adventure: sampling the chocolate and trying new styles and techniques. We […]