Photographing Inspiring Health, Falmouth

Inspiring Health is a business based in Falmouth. It is a natural health clinic and offers a range of services including osteopathy, reflexology, acupuncture, sports massages and many more. It was a pleasure to be able to help them with their photography needs. After a recent makeover, I was asked to photograph the property, and […]

Professional PR Photography that sells stories

If you want to sell a story about your business to the media, professional PR Photography is what you need. Want to make an editor’s day? When you give them a press release or an advertorial, give them quality images to go with it. Give them bad images…and you’ll be lucky if they read the […]

Photographing Lightning Over Falmouth and Flushing. 27 May 2018

Photographing Lightning over Falmouth

Early yesterday I was woken by shouts from the streets below us. Shortly after, there was a loud boom of thunder. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Photographing lightning over Falmouth was a bucketlist item fulfilled. I was absolutely delighted. There were weather warnings for thunderstorms in place. The air felt […]

Enys House and Gardens Photographed in 2016

Enys Gardens, A Photographer’s Dream Location

The first time I saw the bluebells at Enys Gardens in Penryn happened to be when I was a freelance photographer for the Falmouth Packet. I was blown away. I was assigned a job to photograph the annual bluebell event which happened to fall at the same time as an art fayre. The weather had […]

Imran Qureshi at Truro Cathedral

Artist Imran Qureshi created a huge art installation inside Truro Cathedral in late June 2016. Three days, 30,000 sheets of paper and lots of volunteers, resulted in a huge art installation at the cathedral. I was pleased to be asked by the cathedral team to take photographs of the installation together with over 7,000 photographs […]

Freelance Photography in Falmouth

I have been doing freelance photography in Falmouth for a little while now. I have taken photographs for The West Briton as well as The Falmouth Packet, and have been really enjoying meeting the people in the local area. I have spent time at events that I wouldn’t normally have even heard of, met people who […]

About me

I am a Cornwall photographer who lives to capture the business of Cornish life and to creatively explore the art of photography and its applications. My name is Claire Wilson, and I have grown up in this wonderful county. Focusing on both Commercial Photography and Life Photography, I look for the authenticity that makes a […]