Cathedral workshop landing

Truro Cathedral Photography Workshop 24 May 2022

A unique opportunity to improve your photography

Truro Cathedral is an incredible location for learning and improving photography techniques, including the important skill of being able to focus on planning your shot so that you cut out the distractions that can reduce the quality of your image.

This is an opportunity to develop your photographic eye and to learn how to take photographs in a light-diverse environment.

A workshop in one of Cornwall's most attractive buildings.

24 May 2022, 10am to 1pm

Workshop Details

This photography workshop will go through the basics of getting to understand the light variations in a difficult environment, and how to better plan the composition of your images.



We start in the very special Sanctuary of the cathedral where we can view the building from this wonderful and start to get to the process of capturing the changing light



Photography literally means drawing with light. It's so important to get right, so here we cover the things you need to consider when taking photographs in an environment like this gothic-revival building.



The building blocks of good photography starts with composition. We will work on ways to help you break down the details you want to capture and reduce the distractions.



We will visit various areas of the cathedral that have many details and photographic opportunities, and we will also be able to head up to the Narthex Balcony to have a sweeping view across this beautiful building.

Learn photography in an inspiring building

Start now for better images tomorrow