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Chocolate Making Adventures – A Food Photographer’s Dream Project

Food Photography for Chocolate Making Adventures recipe book

Food Photographer in Cornwall

What if you could make gourmet chocolate at home? Or do you know a cleverly creative cook that would? Easter is just around the corner and I can recommend the perfect book for you. Chocolate Making Adventures. A food photographer's dream.

 Chocolate Making Adventures, written by Cornish writer Rosen Trevithick, was published in 2015. It was a labour of for chocolate and a love for cooking. Rosen perfected the recipes for homemade chocolate, and created some stunning combinations of ingredients.  Rosen asked me to photograph the results for her book. 

Every photograph I took was inspired by the unique flavours and combinations of the recipes...which of course meant I had to try every recipe. Ahem.

Call it an official quality tester?

OK. OK. I confess. I'm a chocolate fiend, and I was in a food photographer's personal heaven undertaking this project for Rosen. 

Can you have too much chocolate? With the number of recipes you get in this book which includes white chocolate, basic chocolate and carob recipes, chocolate liqueurs, and many others that will have your taste-buds tingling at the thought, you could certainly try to find out. 

Easter really is just around the corner, and it is the time for your year's worth of a chocolate fix. This book is a perfect addition to your recipe book collection, with beautiful photographs (if I do say so myself, I may be a little biased) of lots and lots of chocolate, as well as the technical know-how that will help you create the most wonderful treats. 

Food Photography for Chocolate Making Adventures recipe book
Marble Chocolate
Food Photographer
Three Delicious Bars
Strawberry Hearts
Cherry Chocolate Liqueurs

Chocolate Making Adventures

The Chocolate Making Adventures cookbook, written by writer Rosen Trevithick, is available to buy on Amazon. You can also view her website where she gives you some handy recipes and much more. 


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