Claire Wilson Commercial Photographer in Cornwall and Devon

Having the right images and video for your brand is key to getting your story heard by your audience...

I am Claire Wilson and as a commercial photographer, I get how frustrating it can be when your media just doesn’t reflect you, or your values.  At worst, it can cost you a lot in time and money trying to get it right.

My passion for giving people a voice to share their stories through photography and film has been with me for as long as I can remember. In fact, for as long as I’ve had a camera in my hands. From my very first push-and-point to my technical modern cameras,  I’ve been developing my skills and narrowing my attention to what really matters: The story.

But my own story in photography didn’t really start until I got my first digital camera almost 20 years ago. I studied a  City & Guilds course on Photo Image Capture and, soon after, I started to work for a magazine in my spare time, taking photographs for their articles. Reiki for dogs, or walks around Cornwall. Each one a packaged story to share.

In 2015, I was working full time as a Personal Assistant to a busy CEO, but I knew it wasn’t my calling.  Working with a friend on her book: “Chocolate Making Adventures” was the inspiration I needed to hand in my notice  and follow my dreams of being a photographer. LLE Photography was born. 

This was my chance to do something that felt meaningful: to help people find their voice and share their story with photographs and film.

In 2019 I became one of the few, if not only, commercial photographers in Cornwall to hold a Licentiateship with the Royal Photographic Society.

Meeting your needs as a professional business photographer and filmmaker

Businesses looking to promote their brand want to get the most value for the money they spend on getting their photography just right. That means capturing images for stories that will help build a relationship with audiences both online and off. It also means creating photographs that motivate customers to connect with the brand.

As a professional business photographer, I work with clients across a variety of sectors throughout Cornwall and Devon, ranging from PR companies to law firms, veterinary practices and even cathedrals. My focus is on getting the right photos and film to promote you and your work to your audiences.

Professional portrait photographer for your personal brand

I know how important it is to have portraits that help make you feel confident, that show your personality and best self.

Ultimately, it’s about having photographs that you are proud to share.

My work as a professional portrait photographer includes supporting people just like you, including solopreneurs, musicians, and many more, to create the photos you need to capture your personal brand.

Photography training from an experienced editorial photographer

Professional photography might not be the answer to all of your media needs. You might want to take more control of your social media and online content via your business…photographing on the go. 

But you still need quality images that will share your message effectively. 

I believe in sharing my knowledge for the greater purpose of helping you get your message across, which is why I also teach photographic skills to people just like you. I can show you how to take better images inhouse so that all of the touchpoints with your audience reflect your brand.

If you want better quality images that suit you and your brand get in touch so that we can start working on your project.