I’m Claire Wilson a photographer based in Falmouth and I understand that to successfully market your business and personal brand, you need quality, engaging photographs that will connect with your audience.

You don’t want to waste time and money on developing a relationship with a photographer who just doesn’t get what you’re trying to achieve and doesn’t understand what you need to maximise the use of the images for all your business needs.

I understand that businesses and individuals looking to promote their personal brand want to get the most value for the money they spend on getting their photography just right. For the images to show stories that will help build a relationship with audiences both online and off, and that motivate customers to connect with the brand; photographs that they can feel confident about receiving and feel proud to share.

And I understand how important it is to have portraits that help make you feel confident, that show your personality and best self.

I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years, and since starting LLE Photography in 2015, I have dedicated myself to providing quality images that tell stories. I strive for constant learning and a drive towards excellence, and I am one of the few professional photographers in Cornwall that holds a Licentiateship with the Royal Photographic Society. I also have a City and Guilds in Photo Image Capture, and I have attended many workshops run by professional photographers. All of this because I am dedicated to providing great work.

I have helped clients just like you across a variety of sectors throughout Cornwall and Devon ranging from PR companies, cathedrals, solopreneurs, musicians, and so many more, getting the right photos to promote themselves and their work to their audiences.

Perhaps you’re also looking for more control and self-sufficiency for your content and the images you share on social media. I also work to teach photographic skills to people just like you, showing them how to take better images inhouse so that all of the touchpoints with your audience reflect the brand that you are.

If you want to have better quality images that suit you and your brand, drop me an email so that we can get started on your project.

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter”

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Our Core Values

Show up, be dependable
Empower self-reliance
Fairness and truth
The freedom to express who you are