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I help career people and business owners to develop a professional business profile with a modern look by taking a fresh approach to providing quality portraits that are personality driven and authentic.

I can’t recommend working with Claire at LLE-Photography enough! As a complete camera-shy photo-phobic person, I am so pleased with the results.

Rowan from Rowan Blewett Event Management

Photography Style

  • A fresh, modern approach
  • Relaxed portraits that are more "you"
  • Give your business profiles a professional look
  • Staff portraits that are more natural

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Treat yourself to a new professional profile from just £69.99 for a mini photo session.

Why I do what I do

Claire Wilson LLE PhotographySeveral years ago, I was working for an organisation and I had to have my photo taken as part of the organisation’s staff portraits.

The time came for the shoot and I found myself standing in front of the photographer. He didn’t help position me so that I would look good for the camera, and he was focused on looking through his lens rather than talk to me. He asked me to smile for the camera and the flash went off several times and we were done. I’ve never felt so awkward.

A couple of days later, I was shown the resulting photograph. It didn’t look like me, in fact what came back looked awful. I felt so embarrassed. What was worse was that I couldn’t choose not to have the image shown to people. The organisation put the picture up on a display board and they shared it with other offices via an internal system that I cringed at every time I saw.

In today’s visually driven society, portraits have become essential. And having the right professional headshot goes a long way.

A good image can give a professional quality to your public profiles. Instead of using images from a recent holiday or somewhere where you felt you looked good, it is much more professional if you have quality images taken by a photographer…

…but being photographed doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience.

When I started my own photography business, I decided to offer a different service.

I care about how people feel when they have a photosession. While I can’t take away the dislike you might have of having your photograph being taken, I can make it a much more pleasant experience.

I won’t let what happened to me happen to you.

A photography session with me is relaxed, I will help you get into informal poses that are natural and more “you” so that the resulting picture is one where you look comfortable. I will talk with you throughout, find out what you don’t like in your pictures and what you do, and I will make sure that you receive quality images that you are happy to share.