About me

I am a Cornwall photographer who lives to capture the business of Cornish life and to creatively explore the art of photography and its applications. My name is Claire Wilson, and I have grown up in this wonderful county.

Focusing on both Commercial Photography and Life Photography, I look for the authenticity that makes a moment unique and special. I work to capture connection and emotion because that is what makes an eye-catching image.

Live Life Explore

Live Life Explore is an ethos that relates to the unique Cornish Culture.

With no long commutes, and with being surrounded by beaches and nature we have the best opportunity to run our businesses differently and to Live our lives more fully.

LLE-Photography exists to capture the business of Cornish Life, the culture and the people, and to Explore the possibilities.

Creativity, Passion and the ability to deliver in a timely manner is everything.

A Cornwall Photographer

Growing up in Cornwall has given me inspiration in my work. It has also given me a great appreciation for the lifestyle here. The ability to head off to the beach to enjoy a barbecue when my work is done is magic! The environment, with the sea life and bird life, is something truly special.

Being a Cornwall Photographer is a passion. Supporting clients with their photography needs is something that inspires me every day.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography refers to work which is, for the most part, Business to Business.

Photography for organisations is now more important than ever. We have entered an era that is heavily visual based – with photographs and video forming the cornerstone to successful engagement from potential and existing clients.

Great images give a sense of professionalism, and can help build connection with an audience. They form the first impressions that many would-be clients will see of an organisation. Quality is everything.

Commercial Photography is: Branding Photography, PR photography, Event Photography and Professional Head shots. It is also Property Photography, Fashion Photography, and Products shots.

Life Photography

Whether it is Wedding Photography, Events Photography, Family Sessions, Pet Photography or Portraits, photographs need one important thing. Connection.

It is the every day moments where we see the connection and emotion between people that form memories. A great photographer aims to capture those moments so that you have memories that you can cherish forever.



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