Course: Introduction to Photography for Business

Bad photographs could be costing your business more than you think. Potentially losing you your reach and your ability to attract new audiences. It can also leave you with that sinking feeling when your photos just don’t reflect the quality that you know that you bring. This Introduction to Photography for Business course can help you on your journey to taking better images, helping you feel proud to share them.

Take Better Images for your Social Media with this photography for business course.

Join me in a video session and we will go through the fundamentals of photography so that you can learn to use your smartphone better.

Book onto the course which is limited to just 10 people.

Wait for your freebies to arrive that will help you join in with the practical session.

Join me for our 3 hour video lesson.

Who is this course for?

This introduction to photography for business course is perfect for solopreneurs and small businesses who wish to have great looking images but want to have more freedom to take their own photographs for social media.

It covers the basics of good photography and editing, and will help you develop the skills to be more self sufficient.

You will need time to practise the theories to develop your skills. But when you get hooked on capturing beautiful images that will get your audience more engaged…you will love it.

Learn how to set up your images to look better


The starting blocks for good photography is setting up an image that works before you even lift up your camera or smart phone. During this photography for business course, you will learn to look for the image or plan for it, as well as setting up the all important flatlays that work so well in social media.

What you will discover:

  • how to get better images on your smartphone
  • the basics of composition
  • the basics of using light
  • how to take better portraits and selfies
  • skills to set up your own flat-lay images for social media
  • basic editing techniques

Get to grips with your photography

The next course will be on the 2 July 2021, at 10 am.

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