Dog PhotographyBoxer dogs are full of energy but they are also friendly and loving. That’s what I found when Dexter came to the studio for a dog photography session.

Dexter was a real giggle. Getting him to sit still for enough time to take photographs was…somewhat interesting but, luckily, I had the help of his lovely owners Sara and Jason.

All pet photographers need willing assistants in the photography process and who better than the pet’s owners? After all, they do  know their animals best!

What I love most about Boxer dogs is their faces. They are so expressive. What I also love is how soft and silky their fur feels.

There is one downside to a Boxer, though. They don’t have very good digestion. Trust me when I say that it’s a good idea to leave a window open in the studio while you’re taking photographs! 😉




Dog Photography

Dog Photography









Having a dog photography session with Dexter was a great experience that had me giggling throughout. He was brilliant!

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Dog Photography



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