Doggy Portraits

Doggy Portraits: Jasper the PugA pug was a new one for the doggy portraits work last month.

Jasper, a gorgeous 2 year old pug was brought in for a Christmas Pet Photography session. While he was in the studio, we took some non-Christmas photographs so that his owners could have some prints for the wall.

It's funny but a lot of dog owners worry about their pet's behaviour. Jasper's owners were no exception but he soon settled in to the photoshoot and definitely enjoyed his biscuit treats while he was in the studio.

Pet photo sessions always start with a minimum of 5 minutes for the dog to get used to it's environment. Dogs like to smell things, establish where they are and they like to explore. Some dogs may only take 5 minutes to settle down, others can take much longer. It's all part of the session to make sure that the dog is as comfortable and as happy as possible. Obviously biscuits or small treats can also help speed up the process and attract the dog's attention! 

Doggy PortraitsJasper settled down quickly and we were able to take a good number of photographs while he was in the studio - both for the Christmas card theme and for his doggy portraits. He was an absolute joy to photograph. 

I have to admit, I've wanted to photograph a pug for a long time. I love their little squashed up faces and their eyes that seem so soulful. It was, for me, like Christmas had come early.

I love how every breed has a stereotypical type of behaviour but I also love how every dog is an individual with its own character. Pugs are cute, and I love the way they snort and grunt like miniature piggies while they sniff around the studio. 

Jasper was amongst my all time favourite dogs to photograph this year. 


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