Environmental Sustainability Policy


We only have one planet and at LLE Photography, we believe that we must do whatever we can to reduce our impact on the environment. And not only reduce our impact, but to help the environment wherever we can.

This environmental sustainability policy applies to all of our operations including administrative tasks, photography, marketing and other business activities. This policy describes how we will achieve our aim.

Our environmental aims are:

  • Monitor and improve our environmental performance
  • Continue to improve and reduce our environmental impacts
  • Incorporate environmental factors into our business decisions
  • Monitor and comply with any relevant regulatory requirements.

Key points:

  • Continue to run a paperless office, and reduce paper used throughout our processes, including our teaching, photography, and online services.
  • To use recycled paper / card stock if printing is required.
  • Ensure all electrical equipment is switched off when not in use.
  • To use environmentally friendly cleaning materials whenever possible
  • Outdated computers to be stripped and recycled at local centres
  • Reduce our carbon emissions from vehicle use by:
    • Encouraging the use of video conferencing software for meetings
    • To group jobs in similar locations if possible
    • To use public transport if it is effective and reasonable to do so
    • Use local services wherever possible

How do we ensure we make a difference?

  • Continue to use a carbon-neutral web hosting service
  • To increase natural habit by:
    • Gifting bee-friendly seed bombs to clients at the end of jobs
    • Donating annually to a local tree planting project

Our Environmental policy is reviewed every six months. The next review of this document is due October 2022