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Photography is teamwork – Working on an epic model photography session

Cornwall Model Photoshoot, wedding style

A captivating photograph of a model on the Cornish coastline, taken with a 28mm lens on a rainy summer morning | an epic model photography session

It was 5 in the morning with a dark and moody sky. There was a hint of rain in the air and a breeze was coming off the land and out towards the gloomy sea. We could have been there to do a casting session for a dramatic Poldark episode, not model photography with a stunning dress. There we were, shivering on the north coast of Cornwall and everything threatened to go wrong.

So there we were, with a beautiful wedding dress kindly on loan to us by Brides To Be Falmouth, a chill wind blowing in from the south behind us and a fine rain was starting to mix with the wind.

But with any photoshoot, you always have to be prepared to improvise and accept that what you had imagined may not happen. (Better things might happen instead!).

You also have to be prepared to work very fast...and that requires knowing your kit like the back of your hand.

With assistants holding lights and making sure the dress fell in the right way and didn't get dirty, and an incredibly brave model who did not show once that she was cold until the shoot was over, we made it happen.

A photoshoot is never about one person. It is always about cooperation and working as a team.

The wedding themed photoshoot was done very quickly. Within 20 minutes but it was worth it and it worked well. I loved working with Michelle, the model, and my assistants Ellie and Sian who helped make this possible. A wedding themed photoshoot on the coast of Cornwall during a model photography session



After the main shoot, we headed down to the beach to take some fashion photography photos to make the most of our time together (and for having such an early start to the day!!!). It was unplanned, and quite quick. Again, the wind was cold and I didn't want my model to get hypothermia!

But didn't she do a fantastic job at posing?

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