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Event Photography: World Pilot Gig Championships 2017

It seems all so long ago now, but last month I was at the World Pilot Gig Championships 2017, which is held on the Isles of Scilly. 

Hundreds of gig rowers flooded the islands for the event, which is growing bigger every year.

There were over 140 pilot gigs there this year, and crews from as far away as the USA raced it out on choppy waters, battling against the wind and each other.

I was delighted to be in the position to take photographs of the event, and to watch the racing throughout the weekend. The finals in particular were thrilling, and the screams and shouts of encouragement from the crowd waiting at the finish line was incredible. It is events like this that make event photography both exciting and challenging in a fun way (not least because I was camping over the weekend). 

I certainly hope to be heading back out to the Scilly's next year. 

To see more photographs from the weekend, please take a look at the World Pilot Gig Championships page.


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