Falmouth in Snow during Beast from the East

Falmouth in Snow

The Year of the Beast from the East

28 February 2018, a cold easterly blew across the sea and brought snow with it, and I was there to capture the rare time when Falmouth was in the snow.

The Beast from the East hits Cornwall…

When a freak weather pattern heads towards Cornwall, a place which rarely sees snow, I was one of so many photographers who grabbed their cameras. To photograph Falmouth in Snow is an opportunity very few could resist.

I found myself walking around Pendennis castle when the snow made landfall. Before long, I saw gardeners giving up their tasks and people walking home. It doesn’t take much snow to stop traffic here.

Cornwall documentary photography, Falmouth in the snow


The following day, students were enjoying Falmouth in Snow

Young people took the opportunity to enjoy the snow, and they took anything they could find to use as sledges. And if they couldn’t find anything, they used road signs…or even each other.

Trelawny Road was the perfect hill to turn into a toboggan run, and this was a great opportunity to take lifestyle images of them at play.


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