Freelance Photography in Falmouth

Penyn Lights - Freelance Photography in Cornwall
Penyn Lights Photograph, taken for the Falmouth Packet.

I have been doing freelance photography in Falmouth for a little while now. I have taken photographs for The West Briton as well as The Falmouth Packet, and have been really enjoying meeting the people in the local area.

I have spent time at events that I wouldn’t normally have even heard of, met people who are the most charitable people imaginable. I have met 100 year-olds ,and people partying on New Year’s eve dressed as cows or clowns.

I have learned that there are so many awesome people out there, which, when I was stuck behind my desk in an office job, I didn’t realise.

I have found that I thoroughly enjoy doing freelance photography, particularly when it is in my local area. Who knows what experiences I will get to photograph this year: here’s to a New Year of discovery. 🙂


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