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Food photography for 'Chocolate Making Adventures' recipe book by local author Rosen Trevithick

I introduced local author, and friend, Rosen Trevithick to making simple raw chocolate in 2015. She was amazed that it was possible to make chocolate at home from scratch and started to make it...only she didn't stop there. She started to experiment with recipes, working out how to make milk and white chocolate. We started to work on the 'Chocolate Making Adventures' recipe book in the summer of 2015, not knowing how far it would take us. I think we both learned so much from this project. The book was launched with interviews on Radio Cornwall and write ups in newspapers such as The West Briton. The book can now be purchased from Amazon. Chocolate Making Adventures was a successful collaborative project. We worked together to ensure that the best possible photographs were produced for the book, and to a look that was desired by the author. Consistency for quality was essential, and meeting agreed deadlines for work important. Chocolate-Hearts-1 chocolate photography