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How Event Photography with LLE helps capture the memories.

Event Photographer captures all parts of an event, including these fireworks during a party in 2017

Event Photography Fireworks at Party in CornwallIf you are planning a special event, how do you want to remember it? Do you want to be an observer or do you want to experience it? Hiring an event photographer can be that difference.

I’ve done it myself… At Christmas gatherings or birthdays where, as the only photographer in my family, I have taken my camera. But what I find at the end of the day is that I’m not in any of the images. Was I having fun? Probably. But who knows?!

If you’re the one taking the photos, how can you be in them?

Hiring a professional photographer will enable you to enjoy your event with your friends and family, knowing that good images will be taken so that you can hold on to the memories in years to come.

As an event photographer, my goal is to capture the essence of an event, to spot the connections and the moments that can never be repeated and to create a collection of images to mark it.

Don't just take my word for it, Clare W hired me twice last year and I created a number of special albums for her events: “…all thanks to Claire’s natural ability to know exactly when to take “the shot”.

What I want to ask you is: If a photograph is worth a thousand words, imagine what a whole album of photos from your special day would make you feel.

A wedding photographer without the bride and groom!

One of the most recent trends I have come across with event photography is the request for a wedding photographer to take photos at a party… To treat it like a wedding but without the bride and groom.

Wedding photographers capture quality images:

  • Candid moments;
  • Group shots;
  • The atmosphere;
  • The emotion;
  • Connection;
  • And the environment (flowers, table layout, venue etc).

What better way to capture a party or big event than to take the same approach and apply it to a birthday party or gathering? These events happen only the once. It deserves to be photographed in the best way possible.

Case Study

Tables set ready for the big event - Event Photographer in Cornwall

Clare W from Cornwall has used me as her event photographer a couple of times. She says:

“Claire photographed two events for me last year, a party in August celebrating four big birthdays and a Winter Dinner Party in November. We were thrilled with Claire’s photos and have the most incredible albums of both happy events, all thanks to Claire’s natural ability to know exactly when to take “the shot”. I will always use Claire to takes photos at any future events that I organise as she is an exceptional photographer and a lovely person too.”

What has been so wonderful about working with Clare is that I can tell how much she appreciates photography. She has images all over her house and, very much like me, she sees them as memories. So, when I was invited to attend her two events in 2017, I was absolutely delighted.

Event Photography capturing the special table layout

For both events, I knew that they were special occasions, so I went in with a series of images that had to be taken - group shots, couple shots, general settings. Every detail was thought out by Clare and her family, so I wanted to create a collection of images that captured it all.

There was partying, dancing, live music and fireworks, wonderful food and flowers. And then the connection between people, the special moments and the shared laughter. These are just as important to capture as the group shots and the couples and I always work tirelessly to make sure I have a wide range of images to convey the whole atmosphere of an event.

5 Tips to help you choose an event photographer

Deciding that you want or need a professional photographer is one thing. Choosing your photographer is quite another.

In Cornwall, there are so many photographers. Each one is slightly different in terms of services, style and price. Choosing the right photographer for you is so important, and here are my top tips that I would like to share with you.

1. Philosophy. Finding out who the photographer is and how they like to work is really important. Does it match what you are looking for?

2. Do you like the photographer? If you’re going to have someone be with you through a special event, you need to enjoy their presence not resent it. Meeting or talking to your photographer is always a good idea.

3. Reviews and recommendations. What do previous clients say about the photographer?

4. Photography Style. Always ask yourself if you like the photographer’s portfolio. Typically photographers follow a style and use similar editing techniques throughout their projects. This may develop over time but it is often the way we learn to “see” things through the camera. Choosing a photographer by their style will mean that you are more likely to be happy with the results.

5. Image Delivery. The timing of image delivery and the type of delivery is important to consider. Do you want only digital files? Do you want an online purchasing system so that you or your guests can choose and order prints? Perhaps you want to have an album printed. Ask these questions beforehand to get an idea.

LLE Photography

“The eye should learn to listen before it looks”, or so said Robert Frank, a Swiss-American photographer. I follow that advice and I anticipate times where people connect with each other. I can predict a definitive moment that deserves to be captured. For me, it seems so essential to my photography that memories are never lost and it is important to “listen” first.

My style of photography is very much about connection and lifestyle. Perhaps you can call it photojournalistic or a candid approach.

I have worked with magazines and newspapers as a freelance photographer. My work has appear in Cornwall Today magazine, The Daily Mail, The Falmouth Packet and the West Briton, among others. I have frequently worked at parties and family gatherings, as well as weddings. I also carry out high intensity PR work for special events such as the recent Royal visits at Truro Cathedral.

No matter how large or how small an event it deserves my full attention as a photographer, and I absolutely love to capture the connection and emotion during all events.

If you would like to discuss an event where you are looking for a photographer, you can contact me on my contact page, or by calling me on 07973417826.

Event Photography

Deciding to hire an event photographer is certainly one step to be taken but choosing between many different photographers is another.

While budget is clearly important, choosing a photographer should not be about choosing the cheapest, it should be about choosing the photographer that is right for you.


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