Do you need to know how to brief a photographer to make sure that you get what you need?

Photographs are used in many different ways: for PR, marketing, photographs for albums. They can also be taken in ways to create different looks and moods. If you get two photographers at an event, you could get a very different look and feel to those photographs, or you may not even get all of the photographs you need.

If you have specific things that you need from a photographer, it is vital that you provide a good brief. Here, you can read 10 pieces of information that are essential to provide a photographer.

How to brief a photographer

  1. Provide your contact details, your company’s (if relevant) and any contact numbers that may be necessary (there may be procedures/requirements to access sites or buildings, or people on site if you will not be there in person).
  2. Provide details about the job. For example:
      a. is it an event? If so, where will it be held; how many people will be there; is it indoors/outdoors; when will it be held? What are the timings of the event? And what happens if it rains or gets postponed/cancelled?
      b. is it commercial photography? If so, are there specific requirements regarding the product or service that need to be photographed or evidenced in the images?
  3. Do you have any special requests for the photographs? (i.e. people that need to be photographed together etc.).
  4. How many photographs do you need?
  5. Is there a specific look you need from the photographs? Provide details and example images if possible (note, it may not always be possible to replicate a look, as it depends on certain variables. Always ask the photographer). Do you need landscape or portrait orientated photographs? This is important when thinking about marketing materials or even albums.
  6. Is there a ‘story’ that you need to be able to tell from the photographs. What message, if any, are you trying to get from the images?
  7. Do you need to obtain model release forms? It would be a good idea to let the photographer know that this has been taken care of.
  8. Tell the photographer how the photographs will be used (e.g. for marketing/PR/home use etc).
  9. What is the quality of the image required? Should it be high resolution(for print) or low resolution (for websites?) Or both. How should this be transferred after editing? CD/R or by web transfer? And are there any file format requirements (i.e. do you need Jpegs or Tiff files?)
  10. Are there any deadlines for the photographs. This is particularly important if the photographs form part of press releases that need to go to the media.

Hopefully, this should give you enough of an idea of what information would be useful to a photographer. If you can think of anything else, why not leave a comment below?

Here at LLE Photography, we use a booking form so that it covers most of the essential information, that way you can make sure that the photographer knows what it is you need. You can find that form here: PhotographyBriefForm


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