Kenall ValeKennall Vale is on the outskirts of Ponsanooth. It is a beautiful example of how nature can take back what was stolen from it.

In its heyday, the valley was an industrial zone: the site of a gunpowder works that supplied the booming mining industry. There was also a granite quarry.

There are stories of accidental explosions that happened during its operation and, walking among the ruins, you can almost imagine which buildings were involved.

The buildings and workings were abandoned in the first decade of the 20th Century. After decades of being unused, the buildings are now ruins covered in moss and ferns. The leets that were once used for the water mills can overflow during heavy rain and, indeed, in some places is now managed in a way to keep the wall structure from falling down.

The site is now managed by Cornwall Wildlife Trust and is a nature reserve. It is dog friendly, and a great place to visit.

Kennall ValeKennall Vale Photography opportunities:

  • Slow motion captures of the Kennall River which runs through the valley
  • Archaeological shots (the ruins)
  • Nature – Dippers are known to nest along the river, and the woods are abundant in different bird species. There is also great scope for photographs of trees, and leaves focusing on compositional skills.

Kennall Vale
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Take Care:

This is a nature reserve. When visiting the site, you should be respectful and keep your pets under control.

The Wildlife Trust has improved the site for accessibility, and areas that were once slippy now have wooden walkways and steps. All the same, do take extra care after heavy rain and wear sensible shoes. Please don’t climb on the ruins…!

Photographers should take extra care so as not to interfere with the local wildlife and nature.


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