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A Lifestyle Approach to PR Photography

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Lifestyle Photography for PR
Image from Rowan Blewett Event Management PR Photography Session

Taking a lifestyle approach to PR Photography is one of the best ways to show people who you and your company really are.

"Authentic photography" (real photos of real people) is essential for showing your audience and clients that you are genuine. It helps build a positive feeling towards you and your company, and it helps to develop an image for your brand.

Gone are the days where you could rely on stock photography. People want to feel connected to your brand and the only way to do that is to show them who you are.

I have worked with organisations to produce lifestyle images for promotional purposes. For example, I worked with Truro Cathedral in 2017 on a three month branding project so that they can show the world who they are as an organisation: the people that help bring the building and its events to life. They knew that to tell the whole story, the images were vital. They now form a key element to their website and digital marketing strategy.

As another example, I have recently worked with Rowan from Rowan Blewett Event Management (images shown) who asked me to work with her on a PR Photography session for her new website. 

Rowan's work approach is friendly and professional, so we replicated a meeting at the Muddy Beach Cafe in Penryn and used a lifestyle approach to capture her in action.

You may well be camera shy, and the thought of having your photograph being taken a nightmare. I completely understand, which is why I work really hard to create a positive experience.

Rowan said that she thought that the shoot would be an ordeal but that the guidance I gave her throughout the session made it an enjoyable experience. She was really pleased with the photographs. 

Helping businesses show the world who they are is something I work hard to achieve. Work with me and I will capture the images that can bring your story to life.

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