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“Little Houdini” Editorial Photography for Caters News Agency

Editorial Photography Cornwall

Editorial Photography CornwallCaters News Agency recently requested our editorial photography services to cover a news story in Cornwall and the photographs were published in the Daily Mail.

The photographs cover the news story of Leo Westlake, aka The “Little Houdini”. Leo’s mother uploaded a video to Youtube of him making a great escape from his room over two stair gates. The video became an overnight sensation, reaching over a million views.

Leo and family were great to photograph. There was a wonderful sense of excitement over the unexpected popularity of the video.

Leo was quite happy to perform again, although it was quite something to watch. He used his toes to help him climb up the double stair gates that block his doorway, his mother ready to catch him.

Of course, news waits for no person, so there had to be a rapid turn around for the photographs, something that we are used to here at LLE-Photography where press and PR photographs are often needed on the same day. The day after, they appeared in the Daily Mail.

For enquiries on the photographs, please contact Caters News Agency.

Editorial Photography

As a regular freelancer for the Falmouth Packet and PR Photographer, I am  used to covering editorial photography for the area. Please do check out our PR and Editorial Portfolio.

“Little Houdini” gallery

Here is a selection of photographs from the photoshoot, some of which were published in the Daily Mail.


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