pet photography sessionsBailey is the most adorable dog and was a fantastic model during one of my recent pet photography sessions. She is a Jack Russel cross Chihuahua. She’s tiny…and looks like a miniature Jack.

But don’t let size fool you. Bailey is quick on her feet and has a great personality. She had us in giggles during her time in the studio, especially when she ran off with a bag of treats and left crumbs wherever she went. She was playful, and she was great to photograph.

During our pet photography sessions we make sure that your pets are comfortable and happy in the environment. It can get warm under the studio flash lights, so we make sure that there is plenty of water and that the dogs have things to keep them occupied.

We can’t always ensure that dogs looks at the camera but we do do our best to get great shots that bring out your pets’ personalities.

We usually take the lead from your pets in terms of taking photographs. Some animals are playful, others like to lie down and relax with a favourite toy, but you know your pets far better than we do, so if you have something more specific in mind for a photograph  please do speak to us and we can work with you to try to get the photographs that you want.

For more information on pet photography, please visit our information page here:

pet photography sessions pet photography sessions pet photography sessions


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