Pet Portrait: Golden Retriever

Henry, the Golden Retriever, and his owner's paid a visit to the studio last week for a pet portrait. He was a very handsome chap.

Henry was a little nervous at the beginning of our photography session. He has generally got a nervous disposition. So it was especially important, as it is with every pet that visits the studio, to establish trust and to allow him to get used to the environment before we took any photographs.

While a nervous animal does not make for a good photograph, it isn't fair on an animal to be nervous in a situation. It is more important that animals feel safe and are in a protective environment. We take the welfare of every pet seriously. This is why we spend time with animals before taking any photographs.

IPet Portrait: Golden Retrievert is important to get down on to the same level as dogs. We let them come to us and give them the space to build that trust. If, as Henry was, the pet is nervous about going on to the studio backdrop, we go onto the set ourselves and sit down. We then gently encourage them to join us.

One of the reasons that we set aside a whole hour for a studio session is to allow pets to get used to the environment and to be comfortable in it. Therefore we can make sure that we get photographs of happy looking animals.


Using patience, and understanding, Henry soon got used to the studio and we got some great shots. He was beautiful and a real pleasure to photograph.

Interested in having a studio session for your pet?

We offer pet portrait sessions in the studio which includes an A3 giclee print. For more information, do visit our pet photography page or our Facebook page for special offers. You can also visit our portfolio to view recent photo shoots with pets.




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