pet portrait in PenrynThis adorable Labrador puppy visited the studio in Penryn this week for a pet portrait session.

Aldo is a typical puppy…and he is also a typical Labrador too! He can be easily distracted and was keen to explore the studio. He also tends to chew on anything in sight but the promise of doggy treats always gets him back to where he is needed.

With his owners’ help, we encouraged Aldo to return to the set and we took plenty of photographs for them to treasure.

Pet Portraits in Cornwall

LLE Photography is one of the few pet photographers in Cornwall to have a studio. Having a studio means that we can control the quality of light and add props to bring out the cuteness. You can also always be sure that it will be suitable weather.

We always make sure that your pet is as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Therefore, every session starts with time for your pet to get used to both the photographer and the studio. When your pet seems more relaxed, the photography begins.

We believe that it is essential to dedicate the time during pet portraits because we understand that the key to taking great photographs is patience.

Most of all, we know that it’s important to read the signs your pet gives off. The signs that say they have had enough. We believe that animals will be relaxed if they are treated right. A happy pet will make for an amazing photograph.

Considering having a pet portrait for your dog or cat?

Are you considering having a pet portrait session? Do you know someone who is? You can visit our pet photography page to find out more. Alternatively, you can visit our Facebook page for updates and special offers.



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