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Photographing Lightning over Falmouth

Photographing Lightning Over Falmouth and Flushing. 27 May 2018

Photographing Lightning Over Falmouth and Flushing. 27 May 2018Early yesterday I was woken by shouts from the streets below us. Shortly after, there was a loud boom of thunder. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Photographing lightning over Falmouth was a bucketlist item fulfilled.

I was absolutely delighted.

There were weather warnings for thunderstorms in place. The air felt hot and sticky. I knew I had to kept my camera beside the bed...just in case. And it paid off, because we got quite the light show. Nature's finest.

We know how lucky we are to live where we do. There was no need for me to do anything other than open a window, set up the tripod and camera and push the shutter release. It's the lazy photographer's dream location.

It was also 3am. The storm was over Flushing and Mylor way to the north of us. There was no need to go anywhere. It was brilliant, and I feel particularly lucky to have been up and taking photographs.

Lightning during a thunderstorm over Falmouth. 27 May 2018

Lightning has to be one nature's finest displays of raw power. It is awe inspiring, and it is beautiful.



Photographing Lightning

To photograph lightning, you need to have slow shutter speeds of say 6 seconds, with the aperture fairly wide. You need to keep taking photographs until you capture that definitive moment. I was lucky! I only took a couple of shots before I captured these beauties.


Sheet Lightning over Falmouth and Flushing, Cornwall, during the May Bank Holiday thunderstorms. 27 May 2018

Did you see the lightning during the May Bank Holiday? Do you have any stories or moments that you'd like to share? Why not let me know in the comments section below.



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