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Photographing Truro Cathedral Choir

Truro Cathedral ChoirLast month, I was invited to photograph the Truro Cathedral Choir while they were rehearsing for an evening concert. 

There is nothing more pleasing to the ear than listening to a choir in a cathedral. Photographing them while they rehearsed was a wonderful opportunity. 

It's always an interesting challenge to photograph in the cathedral. The light is in constant flux due to the vagaries of the outside weather. But the light invariable falls on the stonework to produce a pleasing texture to photograph and something that is a wonder to look at. It is an inspirational building.  

I spent two hours with the choir and I used some of that time to explore different angles to take images from, including from the rear viewing gallery. It was a wonderful experience.  


2 thoughts on “Photographing Truro Cathedral Choir

  1. Hello Claire,

    Happy New Year! The Cathedral photos are excellent and having taken a look around your website and your Top 10 assignments of 2016 I can easily say that you have made an excellent choice to pursue this line of work. Here’s to a very successful 2017 for LLE!

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