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Photography for Business Basics Online Course

A photography course for business owners just like you.

The world revolves around images, whether stills or video. It's been a commonly known fact that social media posts with photographs do better than ones without. But it's also about having the right image, the one that will best connect to our audience.

This is an opportunity to start your journey to getting more consistently better images for your business and for your social media profiles.

A course which guides you through the basics you need to know to feel more confident with the images you share.

Course Details

This photography course will go through the basics of the things that will get you moving in the right direction fast.



The introduction to this course guides you through some of the mistakes that we make when taking photographs, and what we need to focus on to correct them.



The building blocks of good photography starts with composition. This section covers the basics you can start applying today.


The Basics of Light

Photography literally means drawing with light. It's so important to get right, so here we cover the things you need to consider when taking photographs.



Capturing photographs with phones has become so popular that there's now a technical term for it. So here we talk about using your phone for image-taking.


Editing Basics

How do we get consistent looking images that stand out? Editing is the key, and here we cover the things to get you started.

Learn to take better photographs for your business

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