Photography in Bath
The Royal Crescent

Bath is the city for photographers. With its incredible architecture, stunning parks and, of course, the river, a day out in the city will always result in some great opportunities to take photographs.

When I recently travelled to Bristol, I couldn’t wait to get my camera ready for some photography in Bath. It is a beautiful city, and its timelessness is perfect for black and white shots. It was also a great opportunity to do a bit of site-seeing.

We first visited the Royal Crescent and Circus, which are fantastic examples of Georgian architecture. The curves, the grandiosity, and the colour of the Bath stone give these buildings such an incredible look. It is not a surprise that this is a highly desirable area to live in Bath, or that it is one of the main sites to visit when you go to the city.

Bath: The city for photographers
The Royal Crescent, Bath

We were lucky with the weather. It was the day before Storm Imogen was to cause  havoc around the South West and after the day we had been soaked by torrential rain in Bristol.

It was warm in the sunshine, the daffodils were up, crocuses of different colours were pushing up through the grass.

The lighting was perfect for a spot of black and white photography: helping with the contrast and tonal range of the shots.

Everything seemed to come together to produce an enjoyable day of photography.



We also visited the Circus, another good example of Georgian architecture, and yet another series of curved buildings. The Circus is one big circle broken only by four roads which cut the circle into equal quarters. In the centre, there is a grassed central area with a few trees. Tourists were standing in the middle shouting to see if their voices were echoed off the buildings.

I am definitely more of a country lover than townie but, even so, I can’t help but admire these stunning buildings and the epic effort that must have gone in to designing and building them.  It was a great day.

And no, sadly I didn’t get to spend any time in the Thermae Bath Spa (and I do so love it there). Perhaps next time… and then I can do some more photography in Bath.



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