Cornwall Charity PhotographyCharity photography is needs more than a normal commercial photography service. It requires an understanding of how the photograph will be used to raise the profile of the charity. I am passionate about working with charities and have over 10 years experience undertaking different roles. I have worked with charities such as ShelterBox, Circo Kernow, and Jumblies Day Nursery. I understand the different needs a charity has compared to business. It is my aim to provide high quality photographs and services to charities in Cornwall and the south west. Working with charities is different:
  • There needs to be sensitivity to the needs of the beneficiaries, volunteers and staff. No one must feel exploited.
  • The photographer needs to be able to tell a story with their work. A single image can be used to draw donors in to the story of the charity.
  • It requires greater flexibility, because things can change quickly.
  • The photographer must have an ability to provide original and unique images. A charity needs to look professional and have images that reflect their values.

Charity Photography Portfolio

Marie Curie South West

Flicka Foundation

Young and Yourself - LGBT Youth Cornwall

I believe in using what skills I have to help those who help others. I might not be someone who can fly off to a disaster zone and organise relief, and I might not be able to be a nurse or a carer, but I can take photographs. It gives me a deep sense of fulfilment to know that I am helping in some small way, and that those efforts will go towards helping those who need it most. Having worked with charities for some time, I have a unique perspective as a photographer to provide a service that works best for the sector. I can provide advice and will undertake a thoughtful approach to my work to make sure that charities receive value for money.