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PR Photography for writer Michael Bearcroft

I was absolutely delighted to meet writer Michael Bearcroft earlier this month, and to carry out PR photography during his talk for the North Kerrier U3A group at the Penventon Hotel, Redruth.

Michael has been doing a number of talks around the county to publicise the soon to be re-released crime novel “Dangerous Score” and has attended many local group meetings.

Michael invited me to attend his most recent speaking event so that he could have photographs for his website and for general PR purposes. I attended during the morning, capturing photographs of Michael in action.

I love PR photography, not least because I get to meet the most extraordinary people. Michael told a tale of his life leading up to and including the writing of his novel with such candour. He told of the twists and turns of his different careers, that of a footballer, a sales man, a director of the Red Cross and leading murder mystery weekends. He is a fantastic speaker.

Of course my part was but a small one, photographing the event. It was important not to cause a distraction to either Michael or his listeners. It is a necessary skill of any photographer to be able to merge in the background when necessary but also be able to be quietly assertive when the situation calls. It’s also important to be flexible, as events can almost evolve during it’s planned schedule.

Mike’s words of my work:

Punctual, smart, quietly professionaly, got on with her work. Captured the event perfectly, brilliant photography, wouldn’t use anyone else in future, yet I had never met her before the day.


Michael Bearcroft’s book, “Dangerous Score”, will be out in the next couple of months. I can’t wait to read it! Do check out Mike’s twitter account (@mikebearcroft1) or his website ( for updates on its publication.

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