Professional PR Photography that sells stories

professional PR Photography for Maen Karne 2019If you want to sell a story about your business to the media, professional PR Photography is what you need.

Want to make an editor’s day? When you give them a press release or an advertorial, give them quality images to go with it. Give them bad images…and you’ll be lucky if they read the story at all.

But that’s why photographers like myself exist: to help you get the right images that editors love.

Professional PR Photography Case Study – Maen Karne

Recently, Maen Karne wanted to write a  news story about three of their cement truck drivers here in Cornwall. It was exceptional because they are all women.

At the request of the company, I photographed the ladies while they worked. The images were for a positive article to demonstrate that there are these careers -traditionally male-dominated – that can be great for women too.

These ladies absolutely loved their jobs driving the trucks and using the mechanised cement conveyor belts to deliver cement to work sites. It was so obviously a joy to go to work.

I worked with them, providing professional PR photography to accompany the organisation’s article to help get their story picked up. We created a series of photographs that showed the women working, as well as taking portraits and group shots of them all together. The photographs worked together as well as being perfect for future PR uses.

Looking for Images to go with your Press Releases or Advertorials?

Are you looking for professional PR Photography for your business or for the stories which you would like magazines and newspapers to pick up?

Photography sessions can be bespoke and are charged by the hour to suit your need. Whether it is a couple of images, or you need an event covered for promotional purposes.

Why not take a look at my PR Photography services page for more information.

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