Photography in Falmouth – Snow from the Beast from the East

Snowy Days - Cornwall documentary photography in Falmouth

Snow is a rare thing in Cornwall, more so the further south you get. So when it happened, during the visit from The Beast from the East in 2018, we captured it as part of our photography in Falmouth.

When we do see snow we really make the most of it.

As a photographer in Falmouth, and not having seen snow for a very long time, I packed my camera ready as soon as the first hints from the weather reports mentioned it. Readiness is one of the key aspects of photography.

And waiting.

The moment arrives, the first snow flakes start to fall, and I find myself out in an increasingly heavy snow fall. Kit on my back and with more than a little excitement that added a spring to my step.

The snow flakes grew more dense. By the time I reached the docks on Castle Drive, a heavy snow storm was mid flow. Walking around the Pendennis headland, that’s when the thundersnow began.

Cornwall documentary photography, Falmouth in the snow

It was both fun and scary at the same time. I had never seen so much snow before, and no one had ever told me that thunder could happen in snowstorm. Was this a blizzard? How exciting.

Snow Revellers – Photography in Falmouth

Cornwall documentary photography in the snow

The weather brought its own unique problems. Rain I’m used to (it’s Cornwall, after all) but snow.  I had to adopt the penguin walk to stop myself from slipping over while carrying my cameras. Extra care had to be taken to keep the cameras dry. Shelter had to be sought when the temperature got too cold (and by shelter, I mean with a lovely cup of hot chocolate at the cafe on Gyllyngvase Beach).

Over the two snow days, I got to photograph people enjoying the snow. Walking on the beach, swimming in the sea, struggling through blizzard conditions simply because they could. Always, a smile on everyone’s faces as they raised their hands to the sky and the falling snow. The favourite British topic of conversation was ignited.

Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth is covered in snow during the Beast from the East 2018
Falmouth in the snow 2018
Photography of Falmouth in the snow
Snow reveller in Falmouth 2018
Cornwall documentary photography
Gyllyngvase Beach in the snow, 2018

If you would like to see more of my documentary photography, why not check out my portfolio.


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