Social Media Photo Size Guide 2021

Need to keep up to date with the most recent photograph sizes for your social media images? This is a social media photo size guide to get it right for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Posting photos on Social Media, how it can all go wrong

Have you ever uploaded your photographs to one of the social media platforms only to have it cropped in ways that make your image look bad? Perhaps cutting off people’s heads or missing other key details.

You spend either a lot of money or time on getting the right photographs for your brand. It can be so frustrating when you post an image and either it has been cropped wrong or even becomes pixelated.

Knowing what the key image size requirements for each platform are will enable you to take back control and edit your photos before they get cropped for you.


Why using the right specs for your social media photos matters

  • You take control of how your image will be cropped
  • You know they will still look good
  • You know your audience will see the image as you intend them to.

The best way to make sure your photos look their best is to upload images that match the platform’s image specifications. If you don’t, it will automatically change the size for you.


Twitter Photo Dimensions

  • Profile Photo: 400×400
  • Landscape: 1024×512
  • Stories: 1080×1920
  • Cover Photo: 1500×1500

Instagram Image size guide

Instagram Photo Dimensions

  • Profile Photo: 320×320
  • Landscape: 1080×566
  • Portrait: 1080×1350
  • Square: 1080×1080
  • Stories: 1080×1920

With your images, make sure anything that is significant in your photo is near central so that it stays in frame in your profile (which shows a square version of your image).

Facebook Photo Size Guide

Facebook Photo size guide

Facebook Photo Dimensions

  • Profile Photo: 170×170
  • Landscape: 1200×630
  • Portrait: 630×1200
  • Square: 1200×1200
  • Stories: 1080×1920
  • Cover Photo: 851×315


LinkedIn Photo Dimensions

  • Profile Photo: 400×400
  • Landscape: 1200×627
  • Portrait: 627×1200
  • Stories: 1080×1920
  • Cover Photo: 1128×191
Photo size guide

If you’re looking for quality images for your social media, why not talk to us? We can either help you with your images, or we can teach you the steps to taking control of your social media photography.

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