Pet Photography in Cornwall - Photographing WhippetsPet photography in Cornwall is something that we love!

We had the opportunity to photograph two award-winning whippets last week. Here we provide a glimpse of how we go about a pet photography session.

Photographing Whippets for “Erbys Whippets”

Pet Photography CornwallPhotographing whippets can be interesting. Photographing two whippets for one photoshoot is definitely a fun and interesting challenge.

Karen Gallie of Erbys Whippets asked me to do just that last week when she brought her award-winning whippets Aspen and Orla to the studio for an hour session.

Both dogs were beautiful creatures. Soft fur, wonderful temperament and very photogenic. I don’t think there are many breeds of dog that can be more expressive with their eyes.

Whippets have great personalities – they are energetic and really quite nosy. They love to explore a new environment, and they move around…a lot. This particular photoshoot was a great experience. You have to focus quickly, and learn to plan photographs around the dogs and their movement. This was especially important because they were rarely in the same space together, even with the usual methods of drawing attention. This shoot was thoroughly enjoyable, we got some great results of these wonderful animals.

Pet Photography in Cornwall – What can you expect?

When you book your pet photography session, we suggest an hour slot. The time it will take to photograph your pet really does depend on your pet’s energy levels and how they take to the studio.

Most animals will take a while to get used to a new environment. This is the reason why patience and a real passion for animals is so important for a pet photographer.  Respect is important too – because every creature needs to be treated well and kept happy. To take good photographs of animals, they need to be comfortable and relaxed. They also need to see that their owners are comfortable and relaxed. It really makes a difference.

At LLE Photography, we aim to ensure that both pet and owner are put at ease, even before the photographs are taken. It is important to us that everyone is happy with the process and that it is done in the best way possible.


Photographs don’t have to be done in the studio…in fact, we are happy to go out on location if you would prefer.

In fact,if there is a style that you would like, whether white background or black, or even outdoors, it is best to talk with us to discuss your ideas. If you have a style in mind, it would be useful to have examples. Some pets will have colourings that are more suitable for a particular backdrop and we will discuss this with you.

In the studio, we use a washable vinyl backdrop to ensure good hygiene. We have a professional studio flash kit, and ensure that the audible noise is kept to a minimum (some flash units beep when the flash recharges but at LLE Photography, we make sure that this is switched off so as not to startle your pet).

Photographs will be taken during your time slot and, if there’s time, a different style can be created to provide options. Within two days of the shoot, you will be given access to an online folder of web-quality photographs to choose your images that you would like to be printed. You should then receive your prints within a week.

To view our range of pet photography options, please visit our page here: Pet Photography.

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Pet photography in Cornwall is a passion here at LLE Photography. Photographing all animals, wild or trained, is something that feel inspired to do. We want to provide the best images that we can of your pets, so that you have lasting memories.

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