Studio Portrait Photography CornwallAn "Ice Queen" themed studio portrait photography session was another great opportunity to work with Make up Artist Michele Bromley.

Michele and a fellow make up artist worked on Olivia, the model, for about 3 hours to create the look of an Ice Queen ready to be photographed in the studio. 

This time, I was able to watch the progress of the make up being applied. It was a fascinating process. The make up was built up in layers. The white powder came first, then veins and glitter. Finally, a head piece which had been made from foam spikes. 

The photography part was much quicker! We decided to go with a high key image (light background). Two studio lights with softboxes were put directly in front of the model for a soft light source but with black V-Flats either side to emphasise the contours of the face and "veins". I also added a light directly behind the model with a honeycomb attachment to produce the highlights in the hair. 

It was a successful portrait photography session in the studio and we're looking forward to doing more in the future.

Studio Portrait Photography Ice Queen





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