Top 9 Shoots of 2020

2020: What a year to be a photographer in Cornwall!

2020 was such a mixed bag of a year. Lockdowns, the pandemic, and trying to help people with their photography whenever I could. I confess, living and working as a photographer in Cornwall during this time has been good, despite the circumstances.

Based in Falmouth was something that made the year easier to bear. It was also really good for connecting more with my local community and really thinking about how else I can help people.

This year, I met so many more wonderful people and enjoyed many photoshoots. But this wouldn’t be a top 9 if I didn’t have to choose which ones were my favourite.

Capturing the moment when Cornish Sea Salt company used their re-fill salt. This was a positive thing for the environment.

Capturing the face behind the art. Kate from Cornwall Cast was so lovely and I really enjoyed this shoot between lockdowns.

It was so wonderful to meet and photograph Chantelle in Falmouth, and at my favourite beach. It was a lovely day and we got some great photos.

Taking images for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Growth Hub introduced me to the Bee Retro Beeswax company who create wonderful beeswax food wraps that can be used again and again.

Another company introduced by the CIOS Growth Hub was the Bearded Brewery. These chaps create some beautiful ciders, and it was wonderful to meet and photograph them.

Photographer in Cornwall captures model for a product shoot

Capturing some brand photographs for a local print company. It was wonderful opportunity to develop a range of images to help this company thrive.

Photographer in Cornwall photographs expert hat maker

One more introduction from the CIOS Growth Hub. This is Marcelle Rodrigues Hats. Okay, so I’m biased because I absolutely love hats, but it was a lovely photoshoot too.

The wonderful Sequoia Movement training space was a superb place to take photographs, not least because of the fantastic skills that are taught there. Great for image creation.

Photographer in Cornwall

One of the final photoshoots of the year was capturing this stunning sunset for a book cover.

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