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Top 10 Photograph Assignments of 2016

2016 has been a truly incredible year. I have photographed royalty and 100 year olds, pugs and chihuahuas, authors and families, mad swims across cold rivers and art installations.

In just a few days we will be entering 2017 and, as I always like to do at this time of year, I have been reviewing my achievements and good times. Here my top 10 favourite photography jobs from 2016.

1. Photographing the Royal Visit to Truro

PR Photography in CornwallIt was a genuine honour to be a part of the Royal Rota for the Prince and Princess of Cambridge's visit to Truro Cathedral earlier this year.

It was a fast paced visit. From their arrival to the cathedral, to the signing of the slates, and for their walk amongst the people who had lined the streets to greet them. It was an incredible photographic experience.

To see more images from the royal visit, please visit my portfolio.


2. Imran Qureshi's Art Installation at Truro Cathedral

Imran Qureshi Truro Cathedral

Famous artist Imran Qureshi, with the help of his assistant and volunteers, visited Truro cathedral and spent a number of days creating an art installation there. 

It was incredible to watch the piece of work grow and I enjoyed photographing the progress. I also took photographs for a time lapse video of the entire installation. 


3. Christmas Day Swim at Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth


A more recent photograph of mine. I visited Gyllyngvase beach on Christmas Day for the Falmouth Packet.

People were braving the winter waters for a Christmas Day swim. I had to admire their bravery while I took their photographs.

It was a wonderful experience - everyone was happy and joyful and a pleasure to spend time with.

4. Mrs and Mrs Netting

Wedding Photography CornwallThe Wedding of Mrs and Mrs Netting earlier this was an amazing day. They got married at Watergate Bay and they were so lucky with the weather. Everything about their wedding was by good luck. 

I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon and evening with this couple, and loved photographing their guests who seemed to be having a great time.

5. Jasper the Pug

Pug Pet PhotographyI love pugs. They're so amazingly cute. I particularly liked Jasper who snuffled and snorted his way around the studio during his pet photography session

I love all dogs but, for some reason, pugs are one of my favourite breeds. I was so excited when Jasper's owners arranged for him to have his photograph taken. I didn't want him to leave at the end.  

6. Terry Keen

PR Photography in CornwallStand Agency contacted me earlier this year to take photographs of Terry Keen, a 69 year old cyclist who had travelled the length of the UK by bike. 

Terry had been cycling for the morning but was still full of energy by the time he got to Helston. He was an inspiration, and I loved capturing the moments at his end-of-journey party. What a guy! 

7. Marie Curie Padstow to Rock Swim 2016

Padstow to Rock Swim 2016For a second year, I was asked by Marie Curie South West to capture the annual Padstow to Rock swim. 

This event is full of inspirational people wanting to make the swim across the Camel Estuary to Rock. This year was a particularly good year, and the participants were blessed with some fantastic weather for the day. Such a great event to be able to photograph. 

8. Poppy the Cockerpoo

Pet Photography CockapooI know now that when dog owners warn me that their dog misbehaves that the dog is probably better behaved than they think. Poppy is no exception to this rule, she was incredible. 

I like cockapoos. They feel so soft to touch. I particularly liked photographing Poppy who was my first Christmas card model. She was adorable and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent photographing her. 🙂

9. Mike Bearcroft

PR Photography in CornwallMichael Bearcroft asked me to take photographs during one of his talks for PR purposes. 

I loved meeting Mike. He was a really nice guy who shared some incredible stories of his life and adventures. He will be launching his book  'Dangerous Score' very soon.

10. The Tree Family

dt4What can be better than a family trip down the beach? To have it photographed, of course. 

I joined the Tree family at their favourite beach and photographed their visit. A great family, and a great photoshoot 🙂

So that's my favourite photography sessions in Cornwall this year. I'm thinking that 2017 will be the best year yet. 

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. 



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    1. Wow. Thank you for the lovely words, Lynda. I hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all the very best for 2017! I look forward to working with you again this year.

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