Why use a photographer for your professional headshots?

Why get a professional headshot, why not your favourite selfie?

Have you ever wondered why you should use a professional photographer for your professional headshots?

Why not your favourite selfie? You know the one, you took it the other day/week/month/year at the beach when the light was just right and your face was at that perfect angle…

Did you know that it only takes one tenth of a second to develop an impression about someone from a photograph?

And even if you look at that image for longer, it only increases your confidence that you’ve made the right decision.

First impressions really do count.

In an image-driven society, how can we make sure those images just right?

We all appear on social media for many different reasons, both personal and professional. And for those profiles, we need portraits of ourselves. But what to choose?

A selfie may work for your personal accounts, but how can you be sure they will leave the right impression on your professional audience?

It’s really difficult, isn’t it?

On the one hand, you like the selfie you have. You’re happy with it and, besides, it means you don’t have to face a photographer. Not everyone likes having their photograph taken, after all.

But on the other side, you know you could really do with professional-looking photographs that can help you show off your best self.

If you’ve only got one chance, would you hope for the best with a selfie? Or would you prefer to let a photographer who really knows what they are doing take your image?

5 Reasons why using a photographer for your professional headshot photos is a good idea:

  1. They will know how to position and pose you to show off your best self.
  2. A photographer will know how to use light in a flattering way.
  3. Do you know which lenses are the best for portraits? A photographer will have the best equipment and know how to use it.
  4. The photographs they create will be high quality, high definition
  5. Your professional headshots will look just that: professional. Research has shown that professional headshots can make you up to 14 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn!
Why use a photographer for professional headshots

Not convinced that a professional photographer is the best for you? Why not check out these top tips on doing your own selfie.

But before you go…

Here’s how professional headshots can enhance your professional profile:

Done well, a photograph can show the parts of your personality that you feel are important for your work. And being authentic with your images will mean that you will be more easy to connect with and new contacts are more likely to invest their time on you.

Professional portraits will get you noticed!

Quality images from a photographer will demonstrate to your clients and contacts that you have chosen to invest in yourself. That you care about your professional appearance. If you have invested in yourself, then you are telling them that you think that you are worth it, and it demonstrates that you are serious about what you do.

A good image can demonstrate that you are reliable and that you believe in quality and it can show your wonderful, authentic self.

Selfies, or pictures that we like from a party or our last holiday may be where we feel more comfortable because we like how we look in those images. But do those portraits give out the right message when first impressions mean so much?

Coming in to 2021, where we may have new opportunities and possibilities when it comes to online presence, perhaps our professional headshots can be the first thing that we renew.

Why use a photographer for your professional headshots? Hopefully this article has given you food for thought. If you are looking for more information on how I can help you here in the South West, please visit my portraits page here.

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