10 Reasons why you should invest in professional photography

Why should we invest in professional photography? It’s easy for me to say…you may even tell me that I’m biased because I am a professional photographer. BUT…

We live in a visually driven world. If we want our marketing to thrive, we have to participate. We have to share our own images, our own video, within our marketing and social media posts. It is the easiest way to connect with our audience, and it helps us share a lot more information fast, and it also makes a visual impact.

But why should you invest in professional photography and not just get stock shots or do it yourself?

As professionals and as business owners, we need to make sure that we have quality images to show that we are serious about what we do. But photographs can also say so much more about us than we think, and they play a key role in how we share our story, so it’s important to make sure that we get the right photographs. A professional photographer will be able to help you get those images. It is an investment that can help us reach our potential.

So Here are 10 reasons why you should invest in professional photography

1. Knowledge and Experience

Professional photographers spend years developing their photography skills. This could be with training, and it can be by direct experience building by working with many businesses and solopreneurs. They come ready to work with you to get your message across.

2. High Quality Images will get you better SEO Ranking

Search Engines like Google and Bing are specifically looking for quality content. Using the right images will therefore help to improve where your website sits in the search engine rankings. More importantly, for better visibility, you need to have images that don’t appear elsewhere.

Professionally taken images will be of the quality you need, and will be unique to you and your business. They will help you rise in those rankings.

3. Help you define your brand identity through your photographs

Why you should invest in professional photography - create your brand identity with images

It’s far more effective to show your audience your brand rather than tell it. A series of photographs with the right theme across them can help you develop a storyline that evolves into brand identity. This is one of the most important reasons why you should invest in a professional photographer for: connecting the images to match an overarching storyline.

An experienced photographer briefed correctly will help you build a library of relevant images that do just this.

4. License and paperwork

Did you know that photographs of people falls under GDPR rules? And you should also be clear about licensing and copyright of images too. Without knowing this rules, you could be causing a bigger headache for yourself.

The first thing is that copyright is in the ownership of the photographer, and that’s okay. Because if you invest in a professional photographer, they will give you the paperwork to show for your records to show that you can use the images for your business purposes. This bit of paper is know as a license, or right to use.

A pro will also be able to help you with the correct bits of paper for models known as Model Release forms which help clarify where you stand with the people you have photographed.

5. Equipment

Professional photographers love love love! their cameras. In fact, it’s our biggest expense aside from our professional editing software.

Our cameras have the capacity to produce high quality, large file sized images. And our lenses are professional quality that will give a sharpness to our images with the right depth that puts the emphasis on you, your services and your products.

6.Editing Skills

Images straight from the camera rarely meet their full potential. Pro photographers know their way around editing software, and they can make their images really pack a punch when it comes to visual impact. And it’s getting eye-catching images that will help you connect with your audience fast.

7. The Photoshoot

why should you invest in professional photography - professional photographer on a shoot

There are so many people who are uncomfortable in front of the camera, and very few know how best to pose for a flattering look. A great photographer will have spent time learning all the different types of pose relevant to your body type. Because, let’s face it, no one likes to look bad in their photograph, and why should they?

Not only that, but a pro will know how best to use the time given to get the most value from your shoot. To capture the images that will best show your story. They will also have a good idea about taking additional images to help you and your products and services shine.


Sometimes we get so absorbed in what we do that we might not see how we can share our story best. Having someone from the outside come in to take your photographs can help you get new images that tell your story afresh. Professional photographers can give you new ideas on how to get different images.

9. Invest in professional photography to get the right images delivered in the right way

All of those different social media platforms, websites, selling platforms, and print require different formats and image sizes. If you’re not sure how to change your resolution or aspect ration then a professional can help advise you. Some, like me, may even supply you with the sizes already so you don’t have to think about it. Takes the stress and confusion away.

10. Get your photoshoot covered.

A professional photographer will be covered by liability insurance and professional indemnity. So if something does go wrong, even if that’s rare, then your photoshoot is covered as well.

So why should you invest in professional photography?

If there aren’t enough reasons above, then perhaps it’s the thought that having a professional photographer can save you time, give you the images you need when it counts, and a series of images you can be proud to share. What more can you want?

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