Hidden in Plain Sight

A project that offers an exclusive window into parts of Cornwall you may never get to see.

  • Limited Edition Print
  • A photographic journey like no other
  • Exploring Cornwall’s heritage
  • See some of the nature returning to this post-industrial landscape
  • and the hidden mine heritage that leads to the depths below.
  • Find out what lurks in the darkness.
  • And see what the mines look like today.

A lifetime of exploring, a degree in geology, and an intensive year of photographing underground in some of Cornwall’s hidden mines, have culminated into this fascinating insight into the mines that so dominates our Cornish landscape.

About the book

Cornwall is hollow.

Centuries of mining has created a honeycomb network of tunnels that crisscross beneath the beautiful Cornish landscape in an unimaginable scale. The holes that appear in the grounds of gardens or houses without warning are a reminder of what lies below.

The former mining landscape is in a constant flow of change and nature is taking over. We see rare habitats forming around the ruins of engine houses, and life living in the harsh environments of the mines themselves.

This is a book that explores the Cornish mining heritage from above ground and down into the depths where the world turns to darkness.

It is a unique photographic journey, made possible by the amazing support we received from our Crowdfunding campaign.

Here are just a few of the images inside…

We have been left with the ruins of an industry, creating a romantic beauty amongst the heather.
Hidden in plain sight are entrances and signs of the mines are all over. From cliff faces to the most surprising places.
Nature is slowly recolonising the places that were once heavily industrialised. Habitats can harbour rare wildlife.
There are some incredible spaces underground, a heritage that we rarely get to see, if ever.
Nature recolonises all but the most contaminated sites, and the worst contamination can lead to dead zones.
As it does above ground, nature is recolonising down below our feet. Fungi, moss, lichen and iron-loving bacteria.

About the Author

Claire Wilson is a professional photographer and writer who has lived in Cornwall for most of her life. She was brought up in one of the most heavily mined areas in the county and has had a keen interest in the mines since she was young. She read Geology at the University of Leicester and has been taking photographs for over 20 years.

In March 2019, Claire was awarded the Licentiate level with the Royal Photographic Society, and strives to improve her photography through project work, focusing on getting below the surface of the subjects that fascinate her.